Why Bellydance?


Kamilah Bellydance Classes



Move to the rhythm of a different drum! Embrace your curves and learn the worlds oldest dance! Middle Eastern dance or bellydance classes are for fun, fitness or working towards a professional career in the industry. It’s for ANYONE who would like to start a new hobby or venture, try something unique and get away from the “norms” of their everyday life.


The list of the benefits of bellydance are quit extensive. Not only does this dance help your body to be strong, it’s also great for your mind.


The Many Benefits


~YOU can be a Bellydancer! When I tell someone I am a bellydancer they are always inquisative. Honestly, people just think its neat. Maybe becauser it’s different and exotic? They want to know how I do that hip drop and make it look natural and effortless. Bellydance is magical. Its takes training, practice and classes to make the dance look so effortless. You too can learn my technique to flowing mezmerizing movement! Through my bellydance format you will learn bellydance technique from beginner to advanced, choreography for all levels to perform on stage, how to transition movements together, appropriatly dance to various middle eastern music and tabla rhythms and dont forget all the props such as zills, veil, sword and more! Also, bellydance today is incorporated with other styles of dance. Jazz and Ballet are strong influences in American Styles of bellydance. Be prepared to learn to dance!!


~Get into shape! Whether you are looking to lose a few pounds or tone up your body, bellydance is a fun way to get your body moving! You will isolate and use muscle you didn’t realize you had! You will also elevate your heart rate so it’s also a good cardio workout as well. Bellydance is wonderful for a whole body workout. Just like any class you take you can move at a pace that is perfect for you.


~DO IT for your sanity! Dance therapy is the best therapy. Leave all your worries at the door and get in touch with yourself. Welcome yourself into a community of wonderful individuals that are encouraging and supportive and share a love of the art as you do. Dance has literally saved me and I can name a lot of names who feel the same. So many of us have stress in our everyday life but when you dance it just melts away. You start to get wrapped into the world of bellydance and feel a sense of fulfillment when you find something you love.


~New Friendships some of my best friends I have met are through dance. If you are looking for a place to meet new people well you’ve come to the right place! We laugh together and we cry together. We actually become family.


~Builds self esteem and confidence- It takes a lot of guts to get on a stage and dance in front of staring eyes. I will tell you now you can do it! To me, it’s the same feeling as jumping out of a plane. Its feel so good to be able to show others your talents and how hard you have been working. You don’t’ have to be on stage however to build up self esteem. I see a lot of women come into class and they are unwilling to show their beautiful bellies. As they get more comfortable and see other women just like them with confidence and unafraid of what people think they slowly come out of their shells and those long t-shirts get shorter and shorter. Ahh now we can see those isolation! Be who you are! It feels great in class and on stage! Stage shows are your time to shine for your friends and loved ones. Classes are for practice the stage is for performing!


~Go Glamorous~ Costuming is probably one of the most fun benefits of bellydance. You want to jingle, sparkle and be memorable in your costume. You will feel like a bellydance goddess I grantee that!


~Performance opportunities~ Students expecially love the choreography classes! Performing on a stage or even in a room of people is just amazing. This is your time to showcase your skills and show off your new moves that will leave audiences memorized. Performing with others will bring you closer as dance sisters, builds confidence and will make you a stronger dancer with every performance. Showing your hard work and dedication to the dance is the best reward of all!


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