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Professional Bellydance Artist, Performer, Choreographer and Instructor..

I am Kamilah and am owner/founder of Kamilah bellydance!  When I discovered bellydance in 2005, it was love at first sight!  I loved the movements and control a bellydancer possesses and with much time, effort and dedication I began reaching my goals as a dancer.   I found that not only is it an amazing art form but there is a huge community of dancers.  So not only did I fall in love with the dance but with the community.  I have made unbreakable friendships, built confidence and expanded my creative mind and have been given the gift of self-expression. If all that wasn’t enough, bellydance is also a great form of fitness!

Under the guidance of the wonderful teacher and mentor Yasmine, I have learned many different stylizations.  Through her strong background in dance she has given me the skills to be a beautiful all around dancer.

I have studied with the best in world!  Aziza, Bozenka, Sadie, Saida of Argentina, Yamil, Jillina, Ava Fleming, Monique Neith, Karim Nagi, Mohamed Shahin, Zoe Jakes, Mardi Love, Rachel Brice, Nathalie, Megha Gavin, Nourhan Shariff just to name a few!

My specialties include American Cabaret and Egyptian Cabaret style Bellydance though I have also studied in tribal style bellydance.    I also have ongoing bellydance classes with top notch instruction!  These classes are geared for anyone and everyone.  Dance for fun, fitness, a new hobby, to make new friends or study to become a professional in the industry. Whatever your reason, you will find that bellydance can change your life and is filled with wonderful women who are supportive and loving.  We have a lovely community of dancers!

I am award winning performer.  I have performed on stages in some of the biggest cites in the United States including Miami, New York City, Boston and Los Angeles.  Graced the stage everywhere in between at fabulous Gala shows, festival, private and public events, charity, restaurants and hafla’s. In January 2015, I was one of the dancers selected to tour with Bellydance Evolution directed and produced by the WORLD Renowned artist Jillina!  It was truly and honor to perform and tour with some of the worlds top artist! We toured and performed the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ stage show in Boston and New York City at some of the most famous dance centers NYC has to offer!   I have also recently joined them to tour with their new show “Fantasm , Odyssey of Dreams” performing in Los Angeles CA and Dallas Texas. 

I am also the director of “Roses of the Realm”, a popular stage act for the Carolina Renaissance Festival! We perform 4 stage shows a day annually during the festival season in October and November.  This is the biggest festival in the Carolinas and can attract up to 20,000 patrons a day!  I have performed hundred of shows throughout my experience dancing in restaurants, festival and private events!  I am currently the director of the pro troupe “Roses of the Realm” and are a main stage act annually at the festival!









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