Roses of the Realm


Roses of the Realm professional bellydance Troupe for the Carolina Renaissance Festival!

ROTR3Why choose one fair Rose when you can have the whole bouquet!  The Roses of the Realm stage show is a patron favorite!  Sit back and prepare to be charmed by the snaky and mesmerizing movements of what is said to be the worlds oldest dance.  The Roses are high energy entertainers  that dance alongside the Second Hand Gypsies Middle Eastern Band with comic musings of Johnny Kabob.   These Roses shake up the village of Fairhaven with 4 shows a day on the Dutch Door Stage on weekends September 31st- November 19th! 

Show Times 11:15am, 12:30pm, 1:45pm and 3:30pm!

Robert “Bobby” Ganoush ~      Bobby

This “wanna be Rose” causes mayhem among the Realm with his comical ramblings and atrocious dance moves.   



 Second Hand Gypsies 

These talented musicians are the music behind the moves!  Fore, without thee we shant not dance!

Pictures left to right

Salam on percussion, Abu Zous on percussion and Lodro Dawa on the Nay and Zerna

Meet the Roses


Kamilah BellydanceKamilah Rose~

Kamilah’s love for bellydance started in 2005.  She loves to share her passion and knowledge with the community.  This beautiful ancient dance was created by women for women and is said to be the worlds oldest dance.   As a former member of The Jewels of the Caravan led and directed by her mentor Yasmine, Kamilah has graced the Dutch Door Stage at The Carolina Renaissance Festival for the past 8 seasons.  Kamilah is now honored and humbled to be the director of “Roses of the Realm” and will follow in the footsteps of her mentor to continue performing top notch bellydance entertainment!   Kamilah is a member of the award winning troupe Infectious Bellydance and proudly dances alongside it’s members Shayda, Zohreh and Janan.  Recently, she was chosen for a 2 week tour with Bellydance Evolution directed by world renowned artist Jillina!  She toured Boston and NYC performing in high caliber stage shows with some of the best artist in the business!  Kamilah teaches regular classes and enjoys watching her students grow into confident women who embrace their beautiful curves and also find a love for the art of bellydance.  She is thrilled to share the stage with all the beautiful ‘Roses’ and dance in a sisterhood of such talented artists in the troupe!


Zohreh Rose

Zohreh Rose~ The dance is a poem of which each movement is a word. – Mata Hari

Zohreh started belly dancing in 2003.  For more than a decade, Zohreh has dedicated herself to the study of middle Eastern Dance, its traditions, expression through performance, and continuing education. She shares her love of dancing with her audiences and performs professionally at events, gala shows and festivals.  She has choreographed and performed with several award-winning troupes including: Sholeh, Beledi Beat, Jewels of the Caravan, and Infectious Bellydance. 

Naima Sultana RoseNaima Rose~

Naima Sultana is a performer and instructor from Charlotte, NC, who’s had a love-affair with Mid-Eastern dance since 1994. A student of dance since she was three, she studied ballet and jazz variations for over 15 years giving her technique the framework of western dance and the substance of Middle Eastern Orientale. While she loves studying and performing the wide range of styles that bellydance offers, from cabaret to folkloric to fusion, Naima is best known for her articulate hipwork and emotionally expressive performances in the American Orientale genre. Naima teaches workshops nationally and has performed internationally, most recently as a part of Bellydance Evolution’s “Alice in Wonderland” production in Boston, New York City, Prague (C.R.), Maribor (Slovenia). She cofounded the collaborative troupe Spirit of the Lotus in 2007 with her partners in crime and is the creator of BellyBarre ™, a method of strengthening and safely training for bellydance artistry and technique.”

Ronda.1Amina Rose~

Amina started belly dancing as a mother/daughter team back in 2005. Growing up taking ballet, tap and jazz, Amina jumped at the chance to start dancing again. Some of the great unknown benefits for her is that it improved her confidence, it raised self esteem and help her discover the goddess within. Amina is so excited to be able to meet and dance with many different and beautiful women.  Amina  currently is an assistant teacher and choreographer at Lotus Dance Studios in Charlotte.  She’s has also danced as a member of Beledi Beat, Amani Lotus and the Jewels of the Caravan!

Janan RoseJanan Rose~

Janan and her love of bellydance began many years ago under the instruction of Zarifa. She grew as a troupe member and as a soloist. Janan has lovely technique, musicality and Stage Presence. She has danced in various award winning troupes such as Sholah, and under the direction of Yasmine, Jewels of the Caravan and Beledi Beat. She is now a current member of Infectious Bellydance and is proud to be one of the Roses of the Realm!

Victoria RoseVictoria Rose~

Victoria has been a performer and student of bellydance for thirteen years. She has had the pleasure and honor of dancing as a troupe member of Magic Hips, Jewels of the Caravan and Spirit of the Lotus. She is thrilled to be returning to the Carolina Renaissance Festival as a Rose of the Realm! From restaurants and stage to celebrations and fairs, Victoria brings her own style of happiness and humor to the dance. Her goal is to make you smile, laugh, clap your hands, tap your feet and just plain enjoy yourself!

Jadara RoseJadara Rose~

Jadara began dancing in January of 2006 after being captivated the year before by the Jewels of the Caravan at the Carolina Renaissance Festival. Her dance journey has included several different troupes of varying sizes and dance styles, and she is very excited to be a part of the new Roses of the Realm for the 2015 season!

Lorelei Rose

Lorelei Rose~

Lorelei has been studying dance for since 2010 at Lotus Dance Studios, under the directorship of Iona Wilson. She finds that dance allows her to express her love of music and gives her strength to face life’s challenges. Lorelei hopes her dance will bring others as much joy as it brings her.


Shayda Rose~

Shayda first began her romance with Carolina Renaissance Festival in 2003, performing double duty as a vendor in the Artisan Market (The Belly Dance Shop) as well as a dancer with The Jewels of the Caravan, under the direction of Yasmine. After many years at the festival, she took a short hiatus, but she is very excited and honored to return this season with Kamilah as a member of the Roses of the Realm. Shayda has performed locally and throughout the USA as a soloist as well as a member of many outstanding troupes, including the award winning troupes; Infectious Belly Dance & Magic Hips. Shayda is happily recognized for her enjoyable stage presence and her radiant smile. Shayda continues to be part of the local dance community with her business located in Pineville, NC.

HuriyyahHuriyyah Rose~                                                          A student of dance since the age of six, Huriyyah studied ballet, pointe, tap and jazz for nine years.  Huriyyah was introduced to bellydance by her older sister, Yasmine.  Huriyyah quickly became Yasmine’s protégé in late 2001 at age fifteen.  Since then, she grew up performing professionally as an original member of The Magic-Hips Dancers and the Carolina Renaissance Festival’s Jewels of the Caravan for 13 years.  Over the course of her career, Huriyyah has performed with her sister, dance sisters, and as a soloist at numerous dancer showcases, public and private events, charities, restaurants, and clubs throughout the southern U.S. Huriyyah has taken workshops from renowned instructors such as: Ansuya, Ava Fleming, Aziza, Bozenka, Issam Houshan, Jillina, Kaeshi Chai, Karim Nagi, Mahmoud Reda, Mohamed Shahin, Petite Jamilla, Rachel Brice, Sadie, Sonia Ochoa, Suhaila Salimpour, Zarah Zuhair, and more! Huriyyah has always been fascinated by different cultures, and set out to learn everything she could not only about the multitude of dance movements, but about the origins and evolution of Bellydance as well.  She has written essays and given presentations to elementary, high school, and college audiences to help spread knowledge of this ancient yet ever-evolving art form. Wanting to spread the love of Bellydance, Huriyyah has taught beginner level bellydance classes, private lessons, workshops, and co-directed a student troupe.  Huriyyah is honored to join The Roses of the Realm for the 2017 season of The Carolina Renaissance Festival.

Kenzie dancingRose Petal~

Rose petal has been dancing since the age of two and has trained in ballet, tap, jazz and bellydance.  She is our smallest Rose but her talents are tremendous!  She enjoys interacting with the patrons especially teaching the little ones a move or two.

Shannon F2Taliyah- 

Taliyah fell under the spell of bellydance almost four years ago, taking her first classes with Rhythmic Essence Bellydance in Newton, NC. It was instant love as she began studying many different styles, the history, costuming, music, wanting to learn all aspects of bellydance and experiencing the pure joy of performing this rich and beautiful artform. Totally inspired by Kamilah and the dancing at the Carolina Renaissance Festival, Taliyah began to study cabaret and tribal style bellydance with Kamilah Bellydance in Rock Hill SC beginning in 2014. Taliyah blissfully performs with her dance sisters in Kamilah’s student troupe ‘Hips Delight’ and as an understudy for the 2015 and 2016 Roses of the Realm.


Basimah started belly dancing in 2013 and absolutely fell in love with the art at first shimmy!  Since 2014, she has studied under the directorship of Kamilah Belly Dance, learning many styles, but focusing on American/Traditional Cabaret and American Tribal Style (ATS).  Basimah has also attended many workshops taught by some of the best:  Virginia Mendez, Amir Thaleb, Nathalie, Fahtiem, and Sadie.  Basimah was an understudy for the Roses of the Realm in 2015 and is thrilled to do so again for the 2016 season!!



Melusine began her bellydance journey in February of 2013 with Yasmine. She now studies with Kamilah, and has performed at Taste of Charlotte and the International Festival. She is very excited to be a part of ROTR and looks forward to sharing her love of the dance.

Nisaa found her love for Bellydance at the age of 16. She began taking lessons with Zarifa until the age of 24. She preformed, choreographed, and competed with Troupe Sholeh for 3 years.  She is reigniting her flame of passion for dance by studying under Kamilah. She is
very excited to be dancing with roses of the realm, and to be continuing her growth
as a dancer.



Firuza was introduced to bellydance in 2007 and has been in love with the art form ever since. Of the many different styles of bellydance, her favorite is fusion. She is drawn towards intricate choreography and the challenges of sword-balancing. Firuza has performed as a member of the dance troupes Rhythmic Essence and the Raq-a-Bellas. She draws inspiration and strength from dance and from her sisters in the dance community. She looks forward to whatever comes next in her journey.


Aylin’s first year an as understudy for the Roses, but she is a long time patron of Carolina Ren Faire. A Charlotte native, Aylin first began taking classes with Magic Hips while in highschool. After college she picked back up and upon returning to Charlotte begin dancing with Nayna’s Rock-a-Bellas. Aylin is a strong supporter of The Arts and believes that they are an ideal medium for spreading cultural awareness and fostering understanding.